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          Updated March 10, 2006                              

January 26-27, 2006 OPP Event

The OPP session focused on First Nations policing and OPP initiatives in building relationships with First Nations communities. The OPP's background paper, "Framework for Police Preparedness to Aboriginal Critical Incidents," was discussed. Session participants included OPP Commissioner Gwen Boniface, recently retired Chief of Police Wes Luloff of Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services, and others. The background material for the session is available below.

This event was the first of two special presentations to the Inquiry on issues relevant to the Inquiry's Policy and Research mandate. The second presentation by the Chiefs of Ontario was held on March 8 and 9, 2006.

The Inquiry invited the Ontario Provincial Police and the Chiefs of Ontario to organize these sessions because it believes that the Commissioner, counsel, parties, and the public will benefit from hearing each organization's unique, provincial perspective on Policy and Research issues.

The OPP distributed extensive materials for the presentation including the background paper, "Framework for Police Preparedness for Aboriginal Critical Incidents" and several appendices to the background paper. These materials are linked below.

   Agenda  (72Kb / 1 page)

   OPP background paper: Aboriginal Initiatives - Building Respectful Relationships  (332Kb / 44 pages)


Appendix A: Resumes of Presenters

   Commissioner Gwen Boniface - Ontario Provincial Police  (21Kb / 2 pages)
   Inspector Brad Blair - Ontario Provincial Police  (20Kb / 2 pages)
   Inspector Ron George - Ontario Provincial Police  (18Kb / 1 page)
   Inspector Glenn Trivett - Ontario Provincial Police  (29Kb / 2 pages)

Appendix B: Location of Ontario First Nations and First Nations Policing

   First Nations Policing - 1995  (150Kb / 1 page)
   First Nations Policing - Present  (151Kb / 1 page)

Appendix C: NAPS Service Agreement and NAPS/OPP Protocols

   Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services Agreement  (152Kb / 20 pages)
   Operational Protocol - NAPS/OPP  (972Kb / 23pages)

Appendix D: Building Professionalism and Accountability

   Promise of the OPP  (75Kb / 6 pages)
   Focus on Professionalism  (36Kb / 3 pages)

Appendix E: OPP Regional Operational Initiatives (ART/MELT)

   Framework for Police Preparedness for Aboriginal Critical Incidents  (180Kb / 11 pages)
   ART / MELT Training Syllabus  (36Kb / 1 page)

Appendix F: OPP Business Plans

   2003 Provincial Business Plan  (3,418Kb / 10 pages)
   2004 Provincial Business Plan  (782Kb / 12 pages)
   2005 Provincial Business Plan  (1,516Kb / 16 pages)

Appendix G: Course Syllabus for OPP Native Awareness Training

   Course Syllabus  (30Kb / 1 page)

Policy and Research (Part 2)

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