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Final Submissions of Participants - Part 1

Please note that documents filed with the Commission have been posted in the language submitted.

  Seniors' Action Group of Elliot Lake (SAGE)
  The Submission  (123Kb / 17 pages)
  Recommendations  (101Kb / 9 pages)
  Oral Closing Statements  (71Kb / 4 pages)

  Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
  The Submission  (536Kb / 28 pages)

  Bruce Caughill
  The Submission  (1944Kb / 71 pages)
  Commission Counsel Letter August 8, 2013  (20Kb / 1 page)

  James W. Keywan
  The Submission  (4122Kb / 167 pages)
  Book of Authorities  (5054Kb / 123 pages)
  Commission Counsel Letter August 8, 2013  (21Kb / 1 page)

  John Clinckett
  The Submission  (262Kb / 8 pages)

  Pinchin Environmental Ltd.
  The Submission  (193Kb / 11 pages)

  NorDev (1425164 Ontario Ltd) and Non-Profit Retirement Residences of Elliot Lake
  The Submission  (148Kb / 29 pages)
  Response to Halsall Associates' Supplementary Submissions  (60Kb / 3 pages)
  Supplementary Submissions  (263Kb / 5 pages)

  Brian MacDonald
  The Submission  (49Kb / 15 pages)

  Halsall Associates
  The Submission  (632Kb / 22 pages)
  Supplementary Submissions of Halsall Associates  (3,222Kb / 5 pages)

  Thomas Derreck
  The Submission  (90Kb / 40 pages)

  Province of Ontario
  The Submission  (1973Kb / 60 pages)

  Algoma Central Properties Inc.
  The Submission  (2740Kb / 51 pages)
  Letter to Commission Counsel  (64Kb / 1 page)

  Rejean Aylwin, Rachelle Aylwin, Stephane Aylwin, Teresa Perizzolo and Cindy Lee Allan
  The Submission  (188Kb / 40 pages)

  Robert Wood
  The Submission  (157Kb / 112 pages)

  exp Global Inc.
  The Submission  (206Kb / 41 pages)
  Appendix A to_Closing Submissions of exp Global Inc. (Trow)  (633Kb / 11 pages)

  Ontario Building Officials Association
  The Submission  (432Kb / 18 pages)

  The City of Elliot Lake
  The Submission  (519Kb / 117 pages)
  Book of Authorities  (233Kb / 127 pages)
  Supplementary Submissions of the City of Elliot Lake  (151Kb / 13 pages)

  Alexandre Sennett
  The Submission  (534Kb / 27 pages)

  The Submission  (201Kb / 22 pages)

  Eastwood Mall Inc., Robert Nazarian and Levon Nazarian
  The Submission  (230Kb / 16 pages)

  Gregory Saunders
  The Submission  (1149Kb / 87 pages)
  Recommendations of Gregory Saunders  61Kb / 5 pages)
  Submissions Cover Page  (22Kb / 1 page)
  Submissions Index  (82Kb / 2 pages)

  Nicholls Yallowega Belanger
  The Submission  (149Kb / 22 pages)

  Elliot Lake Mall Action Committee
  The Submission  (320Kb / 134 pages)
  ELMAC Submissions Phase I - Corrigendum  (835Kb / 133 pages)

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