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Wendy Leaver - Exhibits

Book of Documents  (15Kb / 2 pages)
Curriculum Vitae  (48Kb / 6 pages)
Biography  (17Kb / 2 pages)
Outline of Evidence  (56Kb / 8 pages)

Letter from R. Badgley to J. Ackroyd re: Wendy Leaver, dated December 1, 1981  (66Kb / 3 pages)
Badgley Committee Report, "Sexual Offences Against Children: Summary"
  Pages 1-24  (1,472Kb)
  Pages 25-35  (1,841Kb)
  Pages 36-45  (1,475Kb)
  Pages 46-59  (1,503Kb)
  Pages 60-72  (1,685Kb)
  Pages 73-82  (916Kb)
Bill C-15, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Canada Evidence Act, 2nd Sess., 33rd Parl., (assented to June 23, 1987)  (804Kb / 12 pages)
Materials from the Website for the Sex Crimes Unit, Toronto Police Service
(175Kb / 4 pages)
Metropolitan Chairman’s Special Committee on Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse Protocol  (604Kb / 11 pages)
Course Descriptions for 5 courses: Forensic and Medical Issues, Interviewing Young Children, Victim Senstivity, False Allegations, Pedophile Investigation  (118Kb / 5 pages)
Bernardo Investigation Review, Summary, Report of Mr. Justice Archie Campbell  (128Kb / 34 pages)
Review of the Investigation of Sexual Assaults Toronto Police Services, October 1999  (218Kb / 137 pages)
2004 RECOMMENDATIONS of the Auditor General’s Follow-up Report on the October 1999 Report Entitled: “Review of the Investigation of Sexual Assault – Toronto Police Service”  (33Kb / 8 pages)
Policy 05-05, November 1993  (80Kb / 5 pages)
Policy 05-05, December 2002  (33Kb / 10 pages)
Policy 05-06, December 1998  (48Kb / 5 pages)
MCC Ontario Circles of Support and Accountability brochure  (449Kb / 2 pages)
The Green Manual  (265Kb / 49 pages)

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