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Peter Jaffe - Exhibits

Book of Documents  (20Kb / 2 pages)
Curriculum Vitae  (158Kb / 23 pages)
Biography  (16Kb / 2 pages)
Outline of Evidence  (71Kb / 11 pages)

Documents and Articles:
     Felitti et al., "Relationship of Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction to Many of the Leading Causes of Death in Adults"  (533Kb / 14 pages)
     Rogers, "The Summary Report of the Special Advisor to the Minister of National Health and Welfare on Child Sexual Abuse in Canada: Reaching for Solutions"
(830Kb / 11 pages)
     "Darkness to Light: An Example of a Prevention Organization's Activities and Collaborations"  (36Kb / 2 pages)
     McMillan, "Preventative Health Care, 2000 Update: Prevention of Child Maltreatment"  (Excerpts)  (35Kb / 3 pages)
     Kaufman, "Promoting the Prevention of Sexual Violence"  (82Kb / 8 pages)
     Finkelhor & Dzuiba-Leatherman, "Victimization Prevention Programs: A National Survey of Children's Exposure and Reactions"  (698Kb / 11 pages)
     Sas & Hurley, "Project 'Guardian', The Sexual Exploitation of Male Youth in London"  (Chapters 1 and 15 only)  (795Kb / 24 pages)
     Thames Valley District School Board Policy  (621Kb / 12 pages)
     "Protocol between London Police Service and The Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex"  (410Kb / 8 pages)
     Galey, "From Crisis to Coordination: An Integrated Community Response to a Muliti-Victim Child Sexual Abuse Crisis"  (54Kb / 5 pages)
     Justice Robins, "Protecting Our Students: A Review to Identify & Prevent Sexual Misconduct in Ontario Schools"  (124Kb / 30 pages)
     Ontario Hockey Association materials  (87Kb / 9 pages)
     Law Commission of Canada, "Restoring Dignity: Responding to Child Sexual Abuse in Canadian Institutions"  (228Kb / 37 pages)
     Wolfe, Jaffe, Jette, & Poisson, "The Impact of Child Abuse in Community Institutions and Organizations: Advancing Professional and Scientific Understanding"
(1,157Kb / 13 pages)
     Sas & Cunningham, "Tipping the Balance to tell the Secret: The Public Discovery of Child Sexual Abuse"  (1,105Kb / 19 pages)

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