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John Liston - Exhibits

Book of Documents  (13Kb / 2 pages)
Curriculum Vitae  (31Kb / 6 pages)
Biography  (13Kb / 1 page)
Outline of Evidence  (65Kb / 8 pages)

     Sas & Hurley, "Project 'Guardian', The Sexual Exploitation of Male Youth in London"  (795Kb / 24 pages)
     Children's Aid Society, Table of "Protocols with Licensed Residential Facilities"  (78Kb / 2 pages)
     Table of "Protocols with Community Organizations and Child Protective Services"  (33Kb / 2 pages)
     "Protocol between London Police Service and The Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex"  (410Kb / 8 pages)
     Ministry of Community and Social Services, "Sexual Abuse of Children: A Training Program for Children's Aid Society Staff Providing Services to Sexually Abused Children and Their Families"  (Extract - pages i to xiii, 29 to 38 only)  (522Kb / 18 pages)
     Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies, "Guidelines for Practice and Procedure in Handling Cases of Child Abuse"  (Extract - pages 1-3, 46-54 only)  (638Kb / 14 pages)

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