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David A. Wolfe - Exhibits

Book of Documents  (19Kb / 2 pages)
Curriculum Vitae  (141Kb / 22 pages)
Biography  (19Kb / 1 page)
Outline of Evidence  (58Kb / 8 pages)
Selected Bibliography  (20Kb / 2 pages)

     American Psychiatric Association, "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision)  (222Kb / 4 pages)
     Bow, Quinnell, Zaroff, & Assemany, "Assessment of Sexual Abuse Allegations in Child Custody Cases"  (64Kb / 10 pages)
     Lanning, "Acquaintance Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis"
              Pages 1-17  (1,444Kb)
              Pages 18-31  (1,437Kb)
              Pages 32-44  (1,431Kb)
     Finkelhor, "Current Information on the Scope and Nature of Child Sexual Abuse"  (1,608Kb / 23 pages)
     Freyd et al., "The Science of Child Sexual Abuse"  (64Kb / 1 page)
     Kendall-Tackett et al., "Impact of Sexual Abuse on Children: A Review and Synthesis of Recent Empirical Studies"  (1,557Kb / 17 pages)
     MacMillan et al., "Childhood Abuse and Lifetime Psychopathology in a Community Sample"  (137Kb / 6 pages)
     Middleton, Cromer, & Freyd, "Remembering the Past, Anticipating a Future"  (185Kb / 11 pages)
     Wekerle & Wolfe, "Child Maltreatment"
              Pages 1-10  (1,219Kb)
              Pages 11-20  (1,592Kb)
              Pages 21-29  (1,438Kb)
     Wolfe, Francis, & Straatman, "Child Abuse in Religiously-Affiliated Institutions: Long-Term Impact on Men's Mental Health"  (840Kb / 8 pages)
     Wolfe, Jaffe, Jette, & Poisson, "The Impact of Child Abuse in Community Institutions and Organizations: Advancing Professional and Scientific Understanding"  (1,157Kb / 13 pages)
     World Health Organization, "Report of the Consultation on Child Abuse Prevention"  (788Kb / 4 pages)

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