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Witness Support

Witness Support was available to people who were testifying before the Cornwall Public Inquiry. All Witness Support services were free of charge. The material below explains the services that were available. As the Inquiry has completed its hearings, Witness Support has completed its work.

Services Available
  • Orientation to the hearing room
  • Explanations of what to expect in the hearing in terms of process
  • Arranging for transportation and/or an escort to the Inquiry and home again
  • Escort in and out of the hearing room
  • Checking in with a witness both before and after their testimony for well-being
  • Liaison with Counselling Support if witness is interested
  • Arranging for meals while testifying
  • Other supports as discussed and as may be needed in special circumstances.

OVERVIEW OF WITNESS SUPPORT  (May 8, 2006) (10Kb / 1 page)
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT WITNESS SUPPORT  (October 31, 2008) (19Kb / 2 pages)

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