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Tell us what you think of improvements to police oversight

In 2016, the province appointed Justice Michael H. Tulloch to lead an independent review of Ontario’s police oversight system.

Justice Tulloch’s Independent Police Oversight Review report contains 129 recommendations to government on ways to transform police oversight in Ontario so it is more transparent, accountable and has the confidence of both the public and the police.

Public comment period now open

While Justice Tulloch consulted widely in developing his recommendations, we still want to your ideas on possible reforms to the Special Investigations Unit, Office of the Independent Police Director, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

Your feedback will help shape the legislation that government will introduce in the fall that will be based on four key principles:

  1. Increasing openness
  2. Increasing accountability
  3. Increasing public confidence
  4. Increasing cultural competency

We will be accepting comments over the next 45 days.

Please email us your ideas by 11:59 p.m. on May 20, 2017.

Justice Tulloch’s Independent Police Oversight Review

Ontario is going to begin building a more open and accountable police oversight system to strengthen trust between police and the communities they serve.

The province will immediately begin work on the following actions:

  • Releasing all past Special Investigations Unit (SIU) reports on more extensive police interactions resulting in death, while giving affected family members the opportunity to object
  • Establishing a process to make all future SIU reports publicly available, while adhering to Justice Tulloch’s advice regarding privacy considerations
  • Enabling government with the authority to mandate the collection of race-based data, including for the police oversight bodies, by supporting the proposed Anti-Racism Act, and Ontario’s strategic plan to combat systemic racism
  • Introducing legislation in the fall that would enhance the independence of Ontario’s police oversight system by removing police oversight bodies from the Police Services Act to create stand-alone legislation, among other comprehensive reforms
  • Working with police oversight bodies to increase cultural competency through staff training and targeted recruitment, including Indigenous cultural competence

Read Justice Tulloch’s report.

Read the news release.

Justice Tulloch’s post-report release public consultation

Justice Tulloch plans to visit communities in Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Windsor and Thunder Bay to present his findings and recommendations and take questions about his report.

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