Hide Your Internet Activities

Are you worried that someone might find out you visited this website?

The Internet is a great resource for finding information that can help you make decisions about your personal situation. However, it's important to understand that the record of your Internet activities does not disappear when you close your browser.

These precautions include the following steps to help you remove your Internet history if you are concerned that the person abusing you could check up on your Internet activities:

  • Visit websites from a place other than your home, such as the public library, school, an internet cafe, or your workplace.
  • Delete cookies and clear your browser history (your cache). Cookies are a way for websites to track their visitors and their actions. They do this by storing small bits of information on your computer. Sometimes this means that the site will "remember" you when you visit again. For example, if you enter your name when you go to a website, it may display your name when you visit again. Here is how to delete cookies from your computer:

If you are using Internet Explorer:

  1. From the TOOLS menu at the top of the screen, click "Internet Options"
  2. Click the "General" tab in the small pop-up screen that appears
  3. From the Temporary Internet Files section, click the button "Delete Files"
  4. From the History Section, click the button "Clear History"
  5. Click "OK"

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