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How to find a lawyer or a paralegal
Explains how to find a lawyer or paralegal, what to do if you can't afford a lawyer and where to access free online legal information.

Family Law
Answers your legal questions about family and domestic issues, including separation, divorce, division of property, child protection, custody and access.

Lawsuits and Disputes
Helps you consider whether to sue and describes alternatives, including mediation and arbitration. Information about tenant and landlord rights.

Criminal Law
Answers your questions about what happens in criminal court, jury duty, bail and sureties and help for victims.

Human Rights
Explains how Ontario's human rights system works, including what to do if you feel you've been discriminated against in areas such as employment, housing and services.

Wills & Estates
Explains how to prepare to transfer your money and property after death and how to handle the estate of a deceased person.

Tickets and Fines
Explains ways to pay or fight a ticket through municipal courts and what will happen if you ignore it.

French Language Services
Informs Francophones of their rights to French language services in Ontario’s justice sector.