When someone is deemed incapable

This page contains information on how decisions are made on behalf of a person who has been deemed incapable of making decisions regarding their finances, property, or health.

A guide to the Substitute Decisions Act
A plain-language summary of the law and concepts behind making decisions on behalf of someone who is incapable.  (PDF, 27 pages)
The role of the OPGT in making substitute health care decisions
Questions and answers about the role of the OPGT in making health decisions on behalf of an incapable person.  (PDF, 17 pages)
Contesting assessment
Information on contesting the results of a capacity assessment
Becoming a Guardian of Property
Information on becoming someone's guardian
Duties and powers of a Guardian of Property
Explains what being a Guardian of Property involves, what things the Guardian is allowed to do and what steps must be taken by the Guardian to meet his or her obligations to the incapable person
The role of the OPGT in providing property guardianship services
Questions and answers about what happens when the OPGT acts as guardian of the property of an incapable person.  (PDF, 16 pages)

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