G. Other Legal Services

  1. For any legal service provided by the Public Guardian and Trustee not specifically listed in this Schedule:

    At the hourly rate of legal counsel and staff providing the service.

  2. The hourly rates of legal counsel and legal staff are as follows:

    Job DescriptionNo. of Years of ExperienceRate Per Hour
    Counsel0 to 2 years$150
    3 to 5 years$175
    6 to 8 years$200
    9 to 10 years$225
    Over 10 years$250
    Articling Students$100
    Law Clerks and Paralegals$80

    The Public Guardian and Trustee may designate counsel in the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee who may charge up to an additional $50.00 per hour for specialized legal services. [No counsel have been so designated as of September 1, 2004.]