B. Income Tax Preparation Fees

  1. a) New clients requiring tax returns for previous years which are unfilled, including research for income and liabilities and file set-up: (in addition to Basic Fees for preparation of outstanding T1 Returns noted below)


    (b)T1 Returns, Basic Fees, payable by clients, estates and trusts:
    Taxable IncomeFee
    (i) Taxable income of $0 to $5,000$15.
    (ii) Taxable income of $5,00l. to $10,000.$25.
    (iii) Taxable income of $10,00l. to $20,000.$75.
    (iv) Taxable income of $20,001.to $30,000.$100.
    (v) Taxable income of $30,001. to $40,000.$125.
    (vi) Taxable income of $40,001. to $50,000$150.
    (vii) Taxable income of $50,001. and over$175.

    (c) In addition to Basic Fees listed in paragraph (b) above, additional fees are payable for preparation of the following Schedules, as indicated:
    (i) Schedule 3 Capital Gains and Losses$100.
    (ii) Schedule 4 Investment Income (no fee for Schedule 4 where only investment income is interest income from OPGT prescribed rate of interest)$50.
    (iii) T2032 Professional Income$100.
    (iv) T2042 Farming Income$100.
    (v) T2124 Business & Commission$100.
    (vi) T776 Real Estate Rentals$100.
    (vii) Other Schedules$100.
    (viii) Additional research & evaluation required to complete any Schedule $100./hr.

    (d) Terminal T1 Returns

    $100.hr. with a 2 hr. minimum

    (e) Basic T3 Returns, payable by estates and trusts:

    $100./hr. with a minimum of:

    Estates, Trusts, and Taxable IncomeFee
    (i) New estates or trusts (2 hr. min):$200.
    (ii) Taxable Income of $0 to $10,000. (1 hr. min.)$100.
    (iii)Taxable Income of $10,001. to $15,000. (1.5 hr. min.)$150.
    (iv)Taxable Income of $15,001. and over (2 hr. min.)$200

    (f) T3s for Beneficiaries of estates or trusts, payable by estates or trusts:

    (i) T3 supplementary for resident of Canada: (included in Basic Fees for T3 Returns)

    (ii) T3 supplementary for non-resident of Canada: $40.