Child Protection

When concerns are raised about a family's ability to care for a child, a child protection agency may take steps to investigate the care the child is receiving. If the child protection worker determines that the child is in need of protection, the children's aid society may start a court application against the child's parents or caregivers, and the child may be removed from their care. This area of law is referred to as child protection.

In Ontario, child protection services are:

  • provided by children's aid societies (sometimes called family and child services)
  • governed by the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017

There are 48 children's aid societies across Ontario.

Children's Aid Societies
Lists the names, addresses and contact numbers for child protection agencies in Ontario
Child, Youth and Family Services Act
Legislation that gives children's aid societies the authority to protect children and governs under what circumstances children may be found to be in need of protection and what measures may be taken to keep children safe.

Court Cases

What you should know about child protection court cases
This booklet provides information to parents who are involved in a child protection court case, including information about the court documents, the court process and how to get legal help
Court Forms
If you want to object to an application brought by a children's aid society, you will need to complete an Answer and Plan of Care (Form 33B.1)
Appealing a Child Protection Order

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