Estate administration tax calculator

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Estate administration tax is calculated on the total value (in Canadian dollars) of a deceased person's estate.

Enter the estate value to see the amount of estate administration tax to be paid.

Do not include:

  • Real estate outside of Ontario
  • Insurance owed to beneficiaries
  • Jointly held property passing on "survivorship" (the automatic passing of assets to the surviving owner(s), on the death of one of the joint owners)

Please enter a valid amount.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Finance website.

Calculating estate administration tax on an estimated estate value

In certain circumstances, the estate administration tax paid may be calculated on an estimated value of the estate.

In these circumstances, you must:

  • swear or affirm the estimated value of the estate stated on your application form
  • pay the estate administration tax on the estimated value
  • provide a written undertaking to the court stating that you will, within six months after giving the undertaking, file a sworn statement of the total value of the estate and pay the balance of any additional tax owing (if any)

If you cannot afford to pay the tax at the time you are filing your application for a certificate of appointment of estate trustee, you can bring a motion before a judge asking to pay the tax later when you have access to the assets of the estate. See section 4 (1) of the Estate Administration Tax Act, 1998 for details.

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