Section 4 - The Bilingual Court Interpreting Test

This test is designed to assess your ability to perform the three tasks mentioned above through the following five exercises:

  1. Sight translation from English into the test language,
  2. Sight translation from the test language into English,
  3. Consecutive interpreting of witness testimony in the test language,
  4. Simultaneous interpreting of an English monologue into the test language, and
  5. Simultaneous interpreting of an English dialogue into the test language.

The tests and exercises are based on documents and transcripts from actual court proceedings. The names and other identifiable details have been changed to protect the personal information of individuals involved in the proceedings. For that reason, any resemblance to any individuals alive or deceased is entirely coincidental.

Please also note that the language used in the test and exercises includes basic legal, forensic, medical, and firearms-related terminology that most court interpreters routinely handle.

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