Court Transcripts

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How do I order a court transcript?

On June 9, 2014, the Ministry of the Attorney General implemented a new model for producing court transcripts.

Where access is not restricted by a statutory provision, common law rule or court order, transcripts of in-court proceedings are available upon request and upon payment of a regulated fee (Ontario Regulation 94/14 Fees for Court Transcripts).

All parties interested in ordering a court transcript must select and contact an independent, authorized court transcriptionist from the List of Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario and arrange for all aspects of the transcript order, including timeframe required, payment method and delivery options. The authorized court transcriptionist will advise whether there are any access restrictions on the transcript order you would like to place.

The List of Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario is administered and maintained by an independent service provider, Arkley Professional Services, and is available online at:

Please refer to this website for information on court transcript production in Ontario, including the transcript standards and procedures which are set by regulation, legislation, ministry policy and practice direction established by the court.

For additional information on how to order a transcript or for assistance accessing the List of Authorized Court Transcriptionists, helpdesk services are available through Arkley Professional Services at:

Phone: 1-800-645-8113