Toronto: 130 Queen Street W. - Accessibility Features

If you have any questions about the accessibility features of this location, please contact the Accessibility Site Coordinator: 416-326-1029


Is there a barrier-free path of travel through the lobby: Yes
Where restrictive measures/also a clear path through lobby: Yes


Interior public doorways have a clear width: Yes

Public pay telephones

TTY phone identified by symbols: Yes
How many: 1
Phones include volume controls and symbols: Yes

Information desks

Is there an information desk: Yes
Location: Room 147 - Judges Reception
Is the information desk staffed: Yes

Assistive listening systems

Is an ALS available in the courthouse: Yes
For more information, please contact the Accessibility Site Coordinator: 416-326-1029
Details: Disability-related accomodations, including the use of assistive listening devices, should be brought to the courthouse's attention as early as possible before a scheduled hearing date.

Public safety

Do building alert and alarm signals include audible and visual signals: Yes