Compensation for Marlene Truscott

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Marlene Truscott and all that she has done for Mr. Truscott. She was the first person with whom Mr. Truscott could build a relationship, and establish the kind of emotional connection that had eluded him for the 10 years that he spent in custody. She helped him in ways both large and small to carry on, and to build the successful life that he did.

In more recent years beginning in 1997, Mrs. Truscott fought without respite to exonerate her husband, wading through boxes and boxes of documents, seeking the evidence that would assist in bringing about an acquittal. The amount of work that she did in seeking her husband's vindication was substantial. She spent considerable time reviewing and organizing the evidence available. Had she not done this work, it would have been necessary to pay someone - likely a law clerk or paralegal - to do so. Moreover, the amount of time that Mrs. Truscott spent on her task meant that she could not return to the workforce, as she otherwise would have done. She accordingly lost income as a result.

In the circumstances, I believe that an ex gratia payment should be made to Mrs. Truscott to compensate her for the earnings that she lost over the years as a result of the work she did to secure her husband's vindication. In my opinion, a fair amount of compensation for Mrs. Truscott would be $100,000.