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The Honourable Patrick J. LeSage has been retained by the Ministry of the Attorney General to review issues among various police organizations and the SIU, and to advise on potential resolutions to these issues.

Mr. LeSage will facilitate focused discussions and negotiations between police organizations and the SIU to explore the potential for consensus among police groups and the SIU on issues such as: the mandate of the SIU, including the definition of “serious injury” that would invoke SIU involvement in a case; the conduct and duties of officers in SIU investigations, including the right to counsel and note-taking; when and how the chief of police investigates and reports findings of an incident; purpose and content of the SIU press release at the conclusion of an investigation; and an ongoing process for resolving future issues between the SIU and police organizations.

If, after completing discussions on the issues, Mr. LeSage is able to identify additional SIU-related issues that are likely, in his opinion, to be resolved by a facilitated process, he will proceed to develop recommendations on those issues upon the approval of the Ministry.

Mr. LeSage will provide his best advice and recommendations, taking into account the position of interested parties and any consensus amongst those parties on any of the issues.

Mr. LeSage may conduct the process in the manner he determines to be appropriate having regard to all the circumstances. However, it is understood between the parties that the focus will be on small, by-invitation sessions.

The Attorney General may on occasion request that Mr. LeSage provide to him an update on the progress of the review.

Any notes, records, recollections, statements made and documents produced by Mr. LeSage or provided to him during the process would be confidential and the disclosure of such material to any person including the government would, except as required by law, be within his sole discretion.