Ontario Legal Aid Review

A Blueprint for Publicly Funded Legal Services


The Ontario Legal Aid Review was established by the Ontario Government in December 1996 as an independent task force, with a mandate to undertake a comprehensive review of legal aid in Ontario. The Review was asked to consider all legal aid programs in the province with the objective of identifying aspects that should be reduced, maintained or enhanced in order that the current and future legal needs of low-income residents of Ontario can be met in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Panel Members

  • John D. McCamus, MA, LLB, LLM, Chair
  • Susan J. Brenner, LLB
  • The Hon. Madam Justice Joan L. Lax, LLB
  • Sherry Phillips, BA
  • David I. Richardson, BCom, FCA
  • The Hon. Judge Joseph B. Wilson, LLB
  • Geoffrey Zimmerman, LLB

Director of Research

  • Michael J. Trebilcock, LLB¸ LLM


  • Lori Newton, LLB, Executive Director, Senior Counsel
  • Aneurin Thomas, LLB, LLM, Counsel
  • Tina Afonso, Administrative Assistant
  • Cora Calixterio, Administrative Assistant

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data

Ontario Legal Aid Review

Report of the Ontario Legal Aid Review :
a blueprint for publicly funded legal services
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 0-7778-6542-4 (set)
1. Legal aid-Ontario. I. Title. II. Title: A blueprint for publicly funded legal services.

KEO173.O57 1997 362.5'8 C97-964033-4

Copies of this Report and the Executive Summary may be purchased from the Ontario Government Bookstore, 880 Bay Street, Toronto, or by mail order from Publications Ontario, 50 Grosvenor Street, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N8. Telephone (416) 326-5300. Toll free long distance 1–800–668–9938.

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