In the past few months I have met with and heard from numerous victims of crime and those who provide victims with assistance, information, and services. I have benefited greatly from these meetings and submissions and thank these individuals and organizations for the time and opinions they shared with me. I also benefited greatly from my academic meeting with Zahra Dhanani and Professors Julie Goldscheid, Katherine Lippel, Melanie Randall, Lorne Sossin, Joanne Wemmers and Allan Young. Dean Nathalie Des Rosiers gave generously of her time and knowledge, chairing the public meetings as well as the academic meeting.

Government officials with the OVSS and the CICB promptly provided me with any information and data that was requested throughout my review. The Chairs and board members of the CICB and the OVC freely shared their insights. John Twohig, Neil Khanna, and Graham Boswell, counsel with the Policy Division of the Ministry, developed the review website and provided legal and research support, for which I am greatly appreciative.

The Policy Division of the Ministry, as well as Judy Bew and Sandy Prosa at Gowlings, provided able administrative support.

Jill Arthur, my legal counsel for the review, consulted with victims and others and organized my meetings, analyzed submissions, identified themes and issues for my consideration, and assisted with drafting the report. Lynn Mahoney, my partner at Gowlings, helped ensure that the review and the report remained focused. I am very grateful for their assistance.

While I appreciate all of the assistance and support I received, the views and recommendations expressed in this report are my own.