Process for Review & Approval


This is our First Report. A Final Report will follow later.

Much remains to be developed and accomplished, however, and we have no illusions that our recommendations will go unquestioned, or even unchallenged, in some quarters. There is no doubt much has to be worked out in the details and in the implementation of our proposals. Some matters, as we have noted elsewhere, have been left to be dealt with almost entirely in our Final Report. Others will require more consideration and evolution. Some, on the other hand, should be implemented immediately.

We anticipate that after this First Report is presented to both the Chief Justice and the Attorney General, there will be a period of further consultation, review, analysis, discussion and response.

While we are confident in our recommendations and hope they will be adopted for action, we welcome all comments and responses. The Review will be pleased to meet once again with representative groups from the Community, as we did in the Consultation Stage, to receive their comments and responses to the Report.

We have concluded already that, as part of the implementation phase, a conference like the Geneva Park Conference should be convened for several consecutive days -- again to be attended by senior representatives of the Judiciary, the Ministry and Courts Administration, the Bar and the Public --to begin the process of implementation and working toward the Final Report. We look for this group to reconvene in the Spring of 1995.