Letter to the Chief Justice and Attorney General

March 7, 1995

The Honourable Roy R. McMurtry
Chief Justice of the Ontario Court
(General Division)
130 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N5

The Honourable Marion Boyd
Attorney General,
Minister Responsible for Women's Issues
Ministry of the Attorney General
11th Floor, 720 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2S9

Dear Chief Justice and Madam Attorney General:

We are pleased to submit for your consideration the First Report of the Civil Justice Review team.

As we set out to identify the tangible implementable solutions to the problems plaguing the court system, we quickly discovered that the establishment of a very solid foundation upon which to build the system is imperative. The recommendations made to you in this report are intended to lay the groundwork for a civil justice system which meets the benchmark criteria established at the outset of our deliberations:

  • fairness
  • affordability
  • accessibility
  • timeliness
  • accountability
  • efficiency & cost-effectiveness
  • a streamlined process and administration

It is our belief, that the process of the Review represents the beginning of a collective dialogue among the partners in civil justice. The good will and support demonstrated by the bench, bar, government representatives and the public in working together towards collective solutions were truly encouraging. It is still however a fragile dialogue and will need to be nurtured through you and the leadership of your agents.

Although this document is only our first report, we feel strongly that the implementation process recommended should begin now. In our view, it will not be necessary to await the results of our Final Report before initiating action. The task ahead of us is enormous. We need to get on with the plan for implementation while the window of change remains open.

We would not have truly finished the first chapter of this review process if we did not acknowledge and thank the hundreds of people who gave of their time and experience to educate and inform us. In particular, the members of the Interim Group are to be commended for their significant contribution and commitment to the challenge at hand. Real thanks needs to go to our staff support team in recognition of their tireless efforts in every step in the process leading up to and including the production of our First Report.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your trust and support throughout the year.

We look forward to your considered response to the recommendations in this report.

The Hon. Mr. Justice Robert A. Blair
Ontario Court of Justice
(General Division)
Civil Justice Review


Sandra Lang
Assistant Deputy Attorney General
Courts Administration Division
Civil Justice Review


Terrence J. O'Sullivan
McMillan, Binch
Task Force Member
Civil Justice Review


Mary McConville
Executive Director
Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies
Task Force Member
Civil Justice Review