I am pleased to report my assessment that none of the concerns raised with me during this review constitute the type of systemic failure existing at the time of the original facilitation. Admittedly, many issues were identified and important differences exist between stakeholder groups and with the SIU. But civilian oversight is a complex instrument operating in an even more complex set of contexts. The existence of many issues is not unexpected. I suspect that if we took stock of any challenging policy instrument at a particular point in time, the audit would not look dissimilar to this report.

In terms of conflict, this is likely one of those areas of public policy where significant tensions between the participants are inherent if not normal. Civilian oversight exists at the crossroads of some very powerful and competing forces in a society. Controversy and related emotional upset from time to time are to be expected. The parties, however, have made great progress on all fronts since and because of the implementation of the 1998 recommendations. There is a much better appreciation of each other's legitimate perspectives and an impressive confidence in the professionalism and integrity of the SIU.

The results of the implemented recommendations have been to better institutionalize the SIU within a racially diverse Ontarian society - an outcome for which all stakeholders, including the SIU, must be commended. Accordingly, I do not see a need or the opportunity for extending my involvement beyond the rendering of this report. Having carried out this review function, I have come to see this report as more in the nature of an audit for all of the affected parties as well as for the Ministry of the Attorney General. Everyone now has the opportunity to assess for themselves the progress that has been made in this important area of policing and to decide what further steps should be taken to enhance the performance of the SIU - an objective shared by all participants.

Finally, Mr. Attorney General, on behalf of all stakeholder groups, I thank you for the thoughtful decision of the government to initiate this review in recognition of the importance of the SIU and the need for its continuous improvement. I also wish to thank all those organizations and individuals who gave freely of their time to participate in the review and provide me with their valuable advice.