Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims Program

Please note: The deadline for homicides that occurred from 2006 to 2017 has now passed. You may, however, still be eligible to apply for assistance. For more information, please contact the Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims (FAFHV) program, toll free at 1-855-467-4344, or 416-212-9164 if in the Greater Toronto Area.

Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims Program

While no amount of money can make up for the emotional shock and grief caused by the loss of a loved one through homicide, financial assistance may help families recover from that loss.

The Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims (FAFHV) program helps eligible parents and spouses/common-law partners of homicide victims by providing up to $10,000 per homicide.*

Who is eligible for assistance?

You may be eligible for assistance if:

  • The homicide occurred on or after January 1st, 2018.
  • You were the victim’s parent or spouse (or common-law partner) at the time of death.
  • The homicide occurred in Ontario.
  • You currently live in Ontario.
  • You did not receive an award of $10,000 or more from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) for pain and suffering related to this homicide.
    Note: We may recommend that you apply to the CICB for compensation as part of the FAFHV application process. Please contact us for more information.
  • The victim did not contribute to his or her death through criminal activity or other behaviour that could reasonably have been expected to lead to the homicide.
  • You do not have a conviction or any pending charges against you related to the homicide, and you were not found to have contributed to the homicide.

Information for parents

An eligible parent may be either biological or adoptive. However, if the victim was adopted, or in someone else’s care under an Aboriginal customary arrangement, a biological parent is not eligible unless married to the adoptive parent.

Information for spouses

If you are applying as a spouse, you must have either been married to the victim or in a common-law relationship with the victim at the time of the homicide.

A common-law relationship means living together in a conjugal relationship continuously, for a period of at least three years; or living together in a conjugal relationship of some permanence, if you were the natural or adoptive parents of a child.

*The term "homicide" includes first and second degree murder and manslaughter, but does not include deaths caused by vehicle collisions, except for assault by motor vehicle.

Apply now

If you believe you qualify for financial assistance under this program, please read the application guide and complete the application form.

Send the original signed application form, along with copies of supporting documents to:

Financial Assistance for Families of Homicide Victims Program
18 King Street East, 7th floor
Toronto, ON M5C 1C4


For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions or call us toll free at 1-855-467-4344. In the Greater Toronto Area, call 416-212-9164.