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News Release

Ontario Acts On Recommendations

McGuinty Government Strengthening Relationship Between SIU And Police

June 23, 2011


Ontario is acting on recommendations made by former Chief Justice Patrick LeSage.

Changes under a new regulation, which will come into force on August 1, 2011, will:

  • prohibit witness officers from being represented by the same legal counsel as subject officers
  • require that a police officer’s notes be completed by the end of the officer’s tour of duty, except where excused by the Chief of Police
  • explicitly provide that a police officer involved in an incident shall not communicate directly or indirectly with any other police officer involved in the same incident concerning their involvement in the incident until after the SIU has completed its interviews.


“By implementing Mr. LeSage’s expert recommendations, we are taking positive steps to improve communications and strengthen the relationship between the SIU and the police, and ensuring continued public confidence in policing and civilian oversight.”
— Chris Bentley, Attorney General

Quick Facts

  • In late 2009, the Attorney General asked the Honourable Patrick LeSage, a former Chief Justice of the Superior Court, to work with the SIU and police groups on resolving various issues.
  • Mr. LeSage’s recommendations were publicly released on April 7, 2011.

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Minister's Office

Brendan Crawley
Communications Branch

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