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News Release

Ontario Compensates Steven Truscott

July 7, 2008


Steven Truscott will receive $6.5 million in compensation from the Government of Ontario.

This compensation follows the independent legal advice contained in a report prepared by The Honourable Sydney Robins.

The government asked Mr. Robins, a former Ontario Court of Appeal judge, to provide advice and recommendations to the Attorney General on compensation following Mr. Truscott's acquittal in 2007. In his report, Mr. Robins concluded that compensation was appropriate given the unique circumstances of Mr. Truscott's case.

In 1959, Steven Truscott, then 14, was convicted of murdering 12-year-old Lynne Harper and sentenced to death by hanging. His sentence was commuted to a prison term, and Mr. Truscott served 10 years in prison followed by almost 40 years of parole.

The Ontario Court of Appeal overturned Mr. Truscott's conviction on August 28, 2007, following the extraordinary referral of his case by the federal Minister of Justice.


"Given the exceptional nature of this case, Mr. Robins was asked to provide recommendations regarding compensation for Mr. Truscott, and I have accepted his advice," said Attorney General Chris Bentley. "I hope that Mr. Truscott and his family will now have the opportunity to move forward with their lives. My thoughts are also with the family of Lynne Harper, who will continue to live with the tragedy of their loss forever."

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Read Sydney Robins' report to the government


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