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Wills, Estates And Trusts

What is a will?

A person's will is a written document that sets out the person's wishes about how his or her estate should be taken care of and distributed after death. It takes effect when the person dies.

What is an estate?

An estate is the property that a person owns or has a legal interest in. The term is often used to describe the assets and liabilities left by a person after death.

What is a trust?

A trust is created to hold property or assets for the benefit of a particular person called the beneficiary.

How do I get a copy of someone's will after they die?

When an estate application with a will has been filed with the Superior Court of Justice, you can contact the court office and request a copy of the person's will. You will have to pay a fee to the court for the copy. More…

How do I apply for death benefits?

Benefits Canada: 1-800 454-8731.
Canada Pension Plan: 1-800-277-9914.

Where can I find court forms for estates proceedings?

You should contact a supplier of legal forms listed in the yellow pages. The forms can be viewed on the Rules for Civil Procedures Forms website, beginning with form 74.4.

Where can I find more information about estates?

Frequently asked questions about estates.