Attorney General’s Access to Justice in French Advisory Committee


The Attorney General’s Access to Justice in French Advisory Committee provides advice and guidance to the Attorney General about the development of strategies and emerging priorities related to access to justice in French and the provision of French language services based on the active offer of service.

This committee is a permanent committee. It considers matters that are within the scope of:

  • Access to justice for the French-speaking community, in accordance with the language rights provisions set out in the French Language Services Act, Criminal Code of Canada and Courts of Justice Act;
  • The Strategic Plan for the Development of French Language Services in the Ontario Justice Sector;
  • The 2012 Access to Justice in French Report and the subsequent 2015 Enhancing Access to Justice in French report; and,
  • Initiatives involving collaboration with the judiciary and other partners, including existing regional committees.

The Committee meets annually with the Attorney General and more often as required.


The 2015 Enhancing Access to Justice in French report recommended the creation of “a long-term mechanism, such as a FLS oversight committee, to monitor and measure ongoing FLS progress in the province and ensure the implementation of recommendations in this report and those [flowing] from the Pilot Project1 and the FLS Regional Committees2”.

In response to this recommendation, the Attorney General in place at the time, provided direction for an Access to Justice in French Advisory Committee which was officially announced in the Fall of 2017 and implemented early in 2018.

Committee membership

The Committee includes representatives of the Francophone legal community, as well as representatives of the Ministry of the Attorney General and of the Offices of the Chief Justices of Ontario.

The Chair is a prominent member of the Francophone legal community appointed by the Attorney General for a term of three years.

Current as of May 2020

Francophone Legal Community Member Name
Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario (AJEFO) Ms. Nadia Effendi
Mr. Marc Sauvé
Coalition of the Justice Sector Stakeholders Member(s) to attend meeting as required
Court of Appeal for Ontario The Honourable Justice Paul Rouleau, Chair of the Committee
Superior Court of Justice The Honourable Justice Johanne Lafrance-Cardinal
The Honourable Justice Lise Favreau
Ontario Court of Justice, representing judges and justices of the peace The Honourable Justice Jean Legault, Regional Senior Justice, East Region
Her Worship Monique Mechefske, Justice of the Peace
Tribunals Ontario Mr. Matthew Letourneau, Adjudicator
Ministry of the Attorney General  
Attorney General The Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General
Deputy Attorney General
Mr. Irwin Glasberg, Deputy Attorney General (Acting)
Court Services Division (CSD) Ms. Danielle Manton, Director of Court Operations, East Region
Corporate Services Management Division (CSMD) Ms. Sabine Derbier, French Language Services Coordinator for the Justice Sector
Criminal Law Division (CLD) Mr. Fred Braley, Director, Guns and Gangs Prosecution Unit

Mr. Vincent Paris, Senior Crown Attorney
Victim and Vulnerable Persons Division (VVPD)

Mr. Patrick Ouellet, Manager, Business Services, Divisional Corporate Support Branch

Other Justice Sector Members:  
Law Society of Ontario Ms. Margaret Drent, Strategic Policy Counsel
Réseau national de formation en justice Ms. Caroline Thibault, Director of Justice
Legal Aid Ontario Ms. Chantal Gagnon, Program Manager, French Language Services


To provide comments to the Attorney General’s Access to Justice in French Advisory Committee, please contact:

Office of the Coordinator of French Language Services
for the Justice Sector
720 Bay St., Ground Floor
Toronto ON M7A 2S9
Tel: 416-326-4052

[1] The 18-month Seamless Access to Justice in French Pilot Project took place at the Ottawa Courthouse between May 2015 and November 2016.

[2] FLS Regional Committees, with representation from the judiciary at all levels of court and from the Court Services, Victims and Vulnerable Persons, and Criminal Law Divisions, as well as Legal Aid Ontario, were created as a result of the 2015 report and started meeting in 2016 in all regions to discuss regional strategies and best practices relating to access to justice in French.