Family Law

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Family Law involves all legal issues that can be dealt with in a family court, including:

General information

What you should know about Family Law (available in 9 languages)
The booklet contains information about the laws that may affect you if you separate. Includes the care and support of your children, support for you or your spouse, and division of property
Family Law Information Centres (FLICs)
An area in each family courthouse where you can receive free information about divorce, separation and related family law issues (child custody, access, support, property division and child protection) and referrals to community resources. Each FLIC has a variety of publications available addressing these issues, as well as guides to court procedures. Staff and Advice Lawyers are also available at designated hours
Family Law Resources in Ontario (Community Legal Education Ontario)
This booklet contains a directory of legal resources, information and referral sources.
Resource List
Extensive list of books and websites for adults and children covering separation and divorce, parenting, emotional and financial issues. Includes age appropriate reading suggestions and interactive websites.
Your Legal Rights (Community Legal Education Ontario)
A website with practical, easy to find legal information on a variety of topics.
Family Law Information Program (Legal Aid Ontario)
Legal and practical information on family law topics in an easy to follow format.
Aboriginal Family Law Information Program
These resources for Aboriginal families provide information about the family justice system, including the social and legal issues surrounding family breakdown such as parenting arrangements, support enforcement, and alternative dispute resolution.

About Courts

Understanding the family court system in Ontario
A quick introduction to the different types of courts and their locations
Guide to Procedures in Family Court
This guide provides steps to follow when going to court, including which forms must be completed, procedures when attending court and how to take steps in court cases.
Notice to Public: Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings form now available online NEW
Guides to Motions to Change
Restraining Order - A Self-Help Guide
Parenting Affidavits - A Self-Help Guide
Money to be paid in to or out of court in family cases - A Self-Help Guide
Family Court Addresses
How to get a copy of a Divorce Order, Certificate of Divorce or other court document

Legislation and forms

Family Law – Legislation
Contains links to on-line versions of important family law legislation
Family Law Rules
The regulation that sets out the procedures to be followed in all family courts in Ontario
Family Law Rules Forms
Electronic versions of forms under the Family Law Rules

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