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Criminal Justice System Modernization

Ontario is improving the criminal justice system by speeding up the resolution of criminal cases.

Ontario’s plan will deliver new courtroom resources – including more judges, Crown attorneys, duty counsel and court staff – to focus on early case resolution and increase capacity in the system. It will also introduce innovative new programs to speed up decision-making at the bail stage and ensure low-risk vulnerable individuals have safe options for release in appropriate cases.

While keeping public safety a priority, Ontario is taking the following steps to help create a better-performing criminal justice system:

The ministry has been working together with the Ontario Court of Justice on improving public reporting on all criminal justice matters.

This collaboration has resulted in creating “dashboards”, a statistical report that provides criminal court information on the progress of all cases from the bail phase to completion of trial in the Ontario Court of Justice at the provincial and local levels.

Dashboards are available on the Ontario Court of Justice’s website, and will be updated quarterly.