Jury Duty and You - Video

Jury Duty and You

When people arrive at a courthouse to report for jury duty, they are shown a video outlining the role of the juror and what to expect if they are selected as a juror. Here is that video.

Jury Duty and You

Clips from the Video: Jury Duty and You

Questionnaires are the first step
YouTube icon Video clip: “Questionnaires are the first step”
Each September, juror questionnaires are mailed to people who are selected randomly from the most recent municipal enumeration (voters’) lists. Completed questionnaires are used to determine whether a person is eligible for jury duty.

Being summoned
YouTube icon Video clip: “Being summoned”
The summons indicates the date and court location to attend for jury duty. Between 50 and 300 people are normally summoned to a courthouse at a time. About 180,000 people in Ontario are summoned for jury duty each year.

Role of the Crown attorney and the defence counsel
YouTube icon Video clip: “Role of the Crown attorney and the defence counsel”
The role of the Crown Attorney is to present the jury with evidence of a crime. The role of the defence counsel is to defend an accused person against a charge.

Role of the judge
YouTube icon Video clip: “Role of the judge”
The judge’s role is to guide the jury throughout the course of the trial. Once counsel complete their closing submissions, the judge provides the jury with instructions on how the law applies to the case in order to make their decision.

How the Crown and defense select jurors
YouTube icon Video clip: “How the Crown and defense select jurors”
In a criminal trial, the prospective juror goes to the front of the courtroom and faces the accused. At that point, the person is either accepted by each of the lawyers or rejected by one of them.

Serving as a juror
YouTube icon Video clip: “Serving as a juror”
Hear what it’s like to serve as a juror: "Gaining an understanding of the scales of justice and how it’s administered was a very enlightening and interesting experience for me and also for the other people on my jury."

Why serve as a juror
YouTube icon Video clip: “Why serve as a juror”
It is the civic duty of all Canadian citizens 18 years of age and older to serve as a juror if selected.

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