Frequently Asked Questions about the Juror Questionnaire

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Can I receive a juror questionnaire more than once?

Questionnaires are mailed to people who are selected randomly from the most recent municipal enumeration (voters’) lists. For people living in a First Nations community, other lists, like Band lists, are used.

Wherever you live, it is possible to receive the questionnaire in multiple years, because your name will remain on these third party lists that serve as the sources for the jury roll.

Deceased Individuals, Individuals with a Disability, Same Name Residing at Same Location

I have received a questionnaire for someone who has died. What do I do?

If someone has died, you should note it on the Questionnaire next to their name and, if available, enclose a copy of a Certificate of Death and return in the envelope provided. We apologize for any distress this document may have caused.

I have received a questionnaire and believe I have a mental disability or medical condition that means I cannot serve as a juror. How do I answer the questionnaire?

If you have a physical or mental disability or medical condition which does not allow you to serve as a juror, you should mark the “Yes” box with an “X” in Question 5 of the questionnaire.

If you are randomly selected for jury service, a judge will decide whether your request for accommodation will be granted. Every effort will be made to provide necessary accommodations for people with disabilities to serve on a jury. For example: use of personal assistive devices, sign language interpreters, or other supports.

If you think that any of these or other accommodations would make it possible for you to serve on a jury, your answer to this question should be "No”.

What do I do if two people with the same name live in the same address where the questionnaire was sent?

If two people with the same name live at the same address and both are over the age of 18, only one person needs to complete the form.

If two or more persons at a household have received the questionnaire, each person must complete and return the form.

Unable to Complete the Questionnaire, it is Past Due

I have received a questionnaire and want to respond quickly but cannot complete it myself. Can I have someone help me?

If you are unable to complete the questionnaire yourself, you may have someone help you and sign it on your behalf noting at the bottom of the questionnaire their relationship to you.

I was away on vacation and the return date is past due. Do I need to still complete the form?

Yes. If the return date for the completed questionnaire is past due, complete the form as soon as possible and return it in the envelope provided.

I am no longer at the address shown on the form. Do I need to notify someone?

If your address is incorrect or has changed from the address shown on the form, make corrections in the space to the right of your old address then complete and return the questionnaire.

I have completed the questionnaire but cannot find the return envelope with the address. Where do I mail the questionnaire?

If you have misplaced your envelope and need the return mailing address for the completed questionnaire, it is:

Sheriff’s Office c/o Provincial Jury Centre
P.O. Box 666, Station A
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 9Z9

I have received a questionnaire for someone who no longer lives at this address or is away attending a College or University. What should I do with the questionnaire?

If the person named on the questionnaire is not living at the address shown on the questionnaire, or is living away from home for school, you can note this on the space next to the address and return the questionnaire in the envelope provided.

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