Special Investigations Unit

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The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is an arm’s length agency of Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General.

The SIU investigates events involving the police that have resulted in death, serious injury, or reports of sexual assault.

At the end of every investigation, the SIU director decides if there is evidence of criminal wrong-doing and whether criminal charges should be laid against the officer(s).

If no charges are laid, the SIU director gives a written report to the Attorney General.


The government has paused a previously scheduled expansion of the mandate of the Special Investigations Unit. The government is currently reviewing and intends to consult to find the right balance on police oversight. This is part of the government’s commitment to fix the Police Services Act to better respect our frontline officers. The Special Investigations Unit mandate under the Police Services Act remains in force.

The mandate of the SIU is to maintain confidence in Ontario’s police services by assuring the public that police actions resulting in serious injury, death, or allegations of sexual assault are subjected to rigorous, independent investigations. Incidents which fall within this mandate must be reported to the SIU by the police service involved and/or may be reported by the complainant or any other person.

The objective of every SIU investigation is to determine whether there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the police. It is not to determine whether the involved officer(s) may have committed some lesser offence, such as the breach of a provincial law or professional misconduct under the Code of Conduct of police officers.