Panel on Justice and the Media

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Report to the Attorney General of Ontario


  1. Overview  (PDF — 110K)
  2. Openness  (PDF — 191K)
  3. Education  (PDF — 118K)
  4. Electronic Age  (PDF — 440K)
  5. Ongoing Activities  (PDF — 164K)
  6. Concluding Remarks  (PDF — 139K)


  1. Panel on Justice and the Media Terms of Reference  (PDF — 112K)
  2. List of Participating Organizations and Individuals  (PDF — 66K)
  3. Some Critical Legislation, Case Law and Policies  (PDF — 103K)
  4. Protocol Regarding Public Statements in Criminal Proceedings  (PDF — 115K)
  5. Bibliography (With Selected Websites)  (PDF — 181K)

Copyright, 2006
ISBN : 1-4249-1678-X

Full version of the report  (PDF — 813K)

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