Table of Contents

Part I Historical and Analytical Framework

Part II A Blueprint for Legal Services in Ontario

Part III Summary of Recommendations


Background Papers

  1. Current Utilization Patterns and Unmet Legal Needs
        William A. Bogart, Colin Meredith and Danielle chandler
  2. Special Legal Needs of People with Mental Disabilities
        Patti Bregman
  3. Legal Aid, Aboriginal People, and the Legal Problems Faced by Persons of Aboriginal Descent in Northern Ontario
        Donald Auger
  4. Legal Aid Needs of Aboriginal People in Urban Areas and on Southern Reserves
        Jonathan Rudin
  5. Normative Justifications for the Provision of Legal Aid
        David Dyzenhaus
  6. The Legal and Constitutional Requirements for Legal Aid
        Nathalie Des Rosiers
  7. Legal Aid Delivery Models
        Susan Charendoff, Mark Leach and Tamara Levy
  8. An Economic Analysis of Legal Aid Delivery Mechanisms
        Hamish Stewart
  9. Quality Control and Performance Measures
        Sandra Wain
  10. Legal Aid and Criminal Justice in Ontario
        Alan N. Young
  11. The Provision of Legal Aid Services Under the Young Offenders Act
        Ron Levi
  12. Case Study in the Provision of Legal Aid: Family Law
        Brenda Cossman and Carol Rogerson
  13. Poverty Law-A Case Study
        Janet Mosher
  14. Report on Immigration and Refugee Law
        Audrey Macklin
  15. Governance of Legal Aid Schemes
        Martin L. Friedland
  16. A Cross-Jurisdictional Study of Legal Aid: Governance, Coverage, Eligibility, Financing, and Delivery in Canada, England and Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
        David Crerar