Legal Services Division

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The Legal Services Division comprises:

  • The Legal Services program which is responsible for the provision of civil legal advice and services to Ministries and certain Agencies, Boards and Commissions of the Ontario government. It includes the Constitutional Law Branch, Crown Law Office - Civil, Seconded Legal Services branches across government;
  • The Law Library which provides circulation, reference and inter-library loan services to Ministry employees and maintains a collection of legal texts, journals, reporters and legislation to support the information needs of the Ministry;
  • Central Registry which provides a centralized file management system for Legal Services (Crown Law Office-Civil & Constitutional Law), Crown Law Office-Criminal and Policy Branch (Business, Policy & Planning Division). The Registry manages the registration, tracking, storage, maintenance and archiving of appeals, litigation, opinions, legislative and policy matters; and
  • Assistant Deputy Attorney General's (ADAG) Office
  • Constitutional Law Branch
  • Crown Law Office - Civil
  • Seconded Legal Services Branch