Richmond Hill Small Claims Court

855 Major Mackenzie Drive East exterior

855 Major Mackenzie Drive East
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4X7


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At this location:


Inquiries to be made and court paperwork to be filed at the Small Claims Court Administration Office, 8500 Leslie Street, Suite 395, Markham. Phone: 905-731-2664, Fax: 905-731-3656.

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If you have any questions about the accessibility features of this location, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator: 905-731-3362

Accessible Parking

Availability: Yes
Number of car spots: 2
Number of van spots: 0
Pick up and Drop Off: Yes

Walkways and Ramps

Walkways, ramps from parking: Yes
Walkways, ramps from street: Yes

Entrances and Exits

Is the main entrance barrier-free: Yes
Are the barrier-free entrances signed: Yes


Is there a barrier-free path of travel through the lobby: Yes

Floors and Hallways

All hallways barrier-free: Yes


Interior public doorways have a clear width: Yes

Barrier-Free Washrooms

Barrier-Free Washrooms: Yes

Courtrooms/Judicial Hearing Rooms

Do they have an accessible entrance: Yes
How many: 3
Manoeuvring room for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers: Yes